Crossing a bridgeCoaching. Copywriting. Crusading. That’s what I do. And the link between the three is me as master bridge-builder. Bridges fascinate me: from the understated majesty of Hammersmith to the engineered elegance of the Clifton Suspension and the soaring splendour of Sydney Harbour.

But more than mere fascination underpins my choice of a bridge as my logo. I use my bridge-building skills in all three of my services:

  • Coaching – I use my skills as a bridge to move you from where you are to where you want to be, eliminating any obstacles in the way.
  • Copywriting – I use words as bridges to take your concepts and messages out of your head and into the heads of your audience.
  • Crusading – I crusade against the current model of redundancy, helping both individuals and employers to cross from where they are: stuck in the toxic aftermath of redundancy to where they want to be – wherever that is.

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