Copywriting Philosophy

It was 19th century American author Nathaniel Hawthorne who said,
‘Easy reading is damned hard writing’, and he was right. Luckily,
I adore the process of writing: finding the one word that’s absolutely
right for the context, turning phrases round in my head, saying them
out loud, revising and editing until the words express
exactly whatever it is you want to communicate.

My approach to writing is:

  • I’m constitutionally incapable of writing anything that I don’t understand, so I’ll
    keep questioning you until I do.
  • I keep the reader uppermost in my mind: who they are, what they really want to know,
    how long their attention span is likely to be.
  • I place an enormously high value on correct, concise, and
    courteous English; even I’d admit that I can be something of
    a pedant when it comes to grammar.
  • But I can and do break the rules when there’s a
    good reason to do so.

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